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Article: Show your Wine Some Love with the WineHug

Show your Wine Some Love with the WineHug


The topic of travelling with wine is one which confuses even the most seasoned traveler.


Since, once you get over the hurdle of calculating just how many bottles you can take with you on the plane (still not sure? See our guide here), the question becomes how to safely transport them.


After a memorable trip abroad, the last thing you want to return home to is a suitcase full of red-stained, wine-perfumed clothes, your precious bottles of Bordeaux (carefully selected after rigorous tastings) shattering mid-Atlantic.


Here at Lazenne, it’s our business to help travelers unravel the mystery which is travelling with wine (it’s possible!), and provide the materials by which they can securely do so.


Which is why we are very excited to introduce the newest addition to our range, the WineHug.


If you’re like us, hugging a bottle of wine is completely normal. A deep, brooding red becomes our best friend in winter, a crisp, fruity rosé in summer and a rich, honeyed white for all the months in between.


Now, thanks to the WineHug, you can rest assured that your precious bottle (or two) will be similarly coddled inside your suitcase.


We think of the WineHug as a lifejacket for your wine; it comes in orange (or black), self-inflates, and will protect your bottle in case of emergency.


 Have you seen how baggage handlers treat your luggage?


The WineHug safeguards one standard 750ml bottle, of all shapes; from the tall, lean bottles so typical of Germany and Alsace, to the bulbous, bottom heavy bottles often found in Champagne (and a nightmare to pack into standard wine boxes!).


When you’ve got two 750ml bottles, or a trickier shaped bottle of whisky from that weekend away in the Scottish Highlands, the WineHug Twin is on hand to ensure that there’s no double trouble!



The WineHug is incredibly versatile, and can also be used in your car, on your boat or wherever else you may feel the need to securely transport your bottles of wine.


See our product page for full instructions and to order your first WineHug.


Next time you’re busy wine tasting, remember you can bring your favourites home with you on the plane. From the Wine Check luggage, which can carry up to 12 bottles of wine, to our very own Lazenne Bottle Protectors and the WineHug, it’s too easy to fly with wine!


You can find our products at select retailers in Europe and we can also deliver direct to your hotel.

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