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Article: The World of Wines Expo at Les Roches Celebrates Swiss Wine

The World of Wines Expo at Les Roches Celebrates Swiss Wine

WOWexpo 2016, Les Roches, Switzerland

Lazenne is absolutely thrilled to be sponsoring and attending the WOWexpo 2016 being held on May 14th at the prestigious Les Roches International School of Hotel Management in Switzerland.

WOWexpo 2016 (World of Wines expo) aims to showcase the quality and diversity of Swiss wines — where less than 2% is exported worldwide making it “Europe’s best kept secret”. Les Roches’ location in the Valais region enables students from around the World to learn and experience Swiss wines, as well as broaden their horizons on the world of wine.

The event focuses on bringing a holistic view of wine in the hospitality scene by bringing together different wine producers and merchants around the region, wine-related technologies as well as world class sommeliers. WOWexpo offers a promising market for wine producers to market their products to future hoteliers and, at the same time, it provides be an eye-opening learning experience for participants.

For those interested in attending the one-day event, tickets can be purchased here. Our wine travel products, including our 12-bottle airplane wine carriers will be available for sale at the event for those wishing to bring some Swiss wine back with them.

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