recycled leather wine carrier

Stylish. Portable. Sustainable.

Beyond being a naturally insulated bottle holder, the BIWINE® is a decorative object, fully clad in cork and recycled leather. It is designed to protect and carry a bottle to embellish dinner invitations with friends and to add some sparkle to picnics. Zero constraints, simply beautiful and safe. The must-have accessory for all wine lovers.


  • Isothermal properties:  Cork, being a great natural insulating material, will keep your wine cool for hours
  • Waterproof and washable: The cork is naturally waterproof by its structure and composition. The BIWINE does not absorb any water or any other liquid. Zero risk of intrusion including solid such as sand, making it easy to wipe clean.
  • Protects bottle from impact and shock: Cork is a natural shock absorber. The BIWINE’s double-shell (20 mm thick) is produced using a high-compression process that gives it a superior density, to ensure it is hard-wearing while remaining flexible and elastic.
  • Naturally sustainable: The BIWINE is made using natural materials and production methods that respect the environment. The recycled leather used in the Classic version, promotes the circular economy: it has been designed with scrap leather from the footwear and leatherwork industries. Its cork is derived from the waste bark of the cork oak tree and the BIWINE bag is made out of biodegradable cotton.
  • Dimensions: width 12.4 cm x height 36 cm
  • Fit: Fits standard wine bottles up to ~80 cm / 3.1 in
  • Designed in France; Made in Portugal


BIWINE wine transport case in France

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BIWINE wine carrier made of tree bark